Ultrasound Imaging Morris County NJ


Ultrasound Room Progressive Diagnostic Imaging Riverdale Morris County New Jersey

Progressive Diagnostic Imaging offers the Philips ultrasound machine. From its digital broadband beamformer to its powerful imaging processor, this machine gives us the ability to gather high quality images that the doctor and patient can count on. In addition, the results will be more detailed, which leads to better clinical interpretation and increased diagnostic confidence patient after patient.






Abdomen Complete
Female Pelvis (Transabd + Transvaginal)
Pelvis (Transabd w/ PVR)
Thyroid w/ Color Doppler
Testicular w/ Color Doppler
Renal / Kidney
Renal Artery Doppler
LE – (Lower Extremity-Arterial) L R B
UE – (Upper Extremity-Arterial) L R B
LE – Venous L R B
Planter Fascia L R B
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