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Ultrasound Morris County NJ | Ultrasound Imaging Morris County NJ

Ultrasound Imaging sometimes referred to as Diagnostic Sonography, is a diagnostic imaging service provided by Progressive Diagnostic Imaging, based in Riverdale, NJ and Morris County, NJ.

This imaging process is a surface level, non-invasive & non-surgical method of examining and diagnosing for medical reasons. Ultrasound is commonly known for its use during pregnancy examinations, however, it has many uses in the medical field.

Ultrasound Imaging is used in Muscular-skeletal, cardiology, gastroenterology, Otolaryngology (head, neck, breast) and much more. Progressive Diagnostic Imaging provides Ultrasound Imaging for patients locally in Morris County, NJ, but also for those in need throughout New Jersey.


Samsung HS60 Ultrasound Unit | Leading Ultrasound Equipment Provided At Progressive Diagnostic Imaging


Progressive Diagnostic Imaging, in its never ending effort to provide Northern New Jersey with state-of the-art imaging equipment, is please to announce the installation of the Samsung HS60 Ultrasound Unit. Highly detailed images through innovation such as Clear Vision, a proprietary noise reduction filter that improves interface definition and creates sharper 2D and 3D images.

Versatile capabilities with greater accuracyHQ-Vision, a sophisticated image processing technology designed to compensate for natural signal distortion as sound propagates through tissue. S-Harmonic, is technology that provides greater image uniformity from near to far field while reducing signal noise. What does all this mean to you, the patient reading this? It means the most high definition images resulting in accurate and detailed clinical interpretation from our radiologist giving you confidence in the results.


Progressive Diagnostic Imaging Provides Ultrasound Imaging In Riverdale, Morris County, NJ


Progressive Diagnostic Imaging offers the highest quality Ultrasound Imaging Machine. From its digital broadband beamformer to its powerful imaging processor, this machine gives us the ability to gather high-quality images that the doctor and patient can count on. In addition, the results will be more detailed, which leads to better clinical interpretation and increased diagnostic confidence patient after patient. We also offer Riverdale NJ Early Detection Screenings, X-Ray Imaging, CT Scans, and Open MRI Scans.

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Ultrasound Tests Performed (If you don’t see your test please call us!)

Abdomen Complete
Female Pelvis (Transabd + Transvaginal)
Pelvis (Transabd w/ PVR)
Thyroid w/ Color Doppler
Testicular w/ Color Doppler
Renal / Kidney
Renal Artery Doppler
LE – (Lower Extremity-Arterial) L R B
UE – (Upper Extremity-Arterial) L R B
LE – Venous L R B
Planter Fascia L R B