Information for Physician’s Staff


Progressive Diagnostic Imaging understands that it is our job to make your life as Physician’s Staff a little easier while you are dealing with a multitude of responsibilities and tasks to complete. The top issues with imaging companies are: Making an appointment, on-time patient reports/images and accommodating your stat/emergency patients.



  • Sitting on hold trying to make an appointment for your patients is a waste of time. Progressive Diagnostic Imaging has little to no hold time.  If you don’t like calling, we will set up a system on your office computer that allows you to send all the documents directly to us.



  • The “Dashboard” as we call it, can be set up on your computer. This will show real-time information on your patients, such as: our staff receiving the information you sent, all the way to completion, which is receiving the reports and images on your system, when required.



  • We understand that sometimes you need to get that patient in immediately; Progressive Diagnostic Imaging’s slogan says it all. “The answer is YES.” When you need us, the answer will always be YES!


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