X-Ray Services


X Ray Machine Progressive Diagnostic Imaging Riverdale Morris County NJ

Progressive Diagnostic Imaging offers the Konica Minolta Regius Digital X-Ray machine. This model is a high-performance, single bay system, that can process at speeds greater than the competition. This means faster results and perfect quality. Depending on the type of X-Ray needed, the patient can be standing or lying down on our ultramodern Quantum imaging table. The most patient-friendly and comfortable table in production. Doctors can have their images and reports sent immediately to their computer or if they prefer, we can make 8 ½ by 11 size images on paper to place in the patient’s chart.


X-Ray Services By Type Of Injury



Orbits Sternum
Facial Bones Arm/Humerus L R B
Nasal Bones Elbow L R B
Paranasal Sinus Forearm L R B
Soft Tissue Neck Wrist L R B
Cervical Spine Hand L R B 
Thoracic Spine Finger L R B 
Lumbar Spine Abdomen KUB 
Pelvis Sacrum/Coccyx Abdomen 
SI Joints  Hip L R B
Shoulder L R B Knee L R B 
 Scapula L R B Tibia/Fibula L R B 
Clavical L R B  Ankle L R B 
Chest PA/LAT   Heel / Calcaneus L R B
Ribs L R B  Foot L R B 
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