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X Ray Machine Progressive Diagnostic Imaging Riverdale Morris County NJ

Progressive Diagnostic Imaging offers the Konica Minolta Regius Digital X-Ray machine. This model is a high-performance single bay system that can process at speeds greater then the competition. This means faster results and perfect quality. Depending on the type of X-Ray needed the patient can be standing or lying down on our ultramodern Quantum imaging table. The most patient friendly and comfortable table in production. Doctors can have their images and reports immediately to their computer or if they prefer we can make 8 ½ by 11 size images on paper to place in the patients chart.


X-Ray Services By Type Of Injury



Orbits Sternum
Facial Bones Arm/Humerus L R B
Nasal Bones Elbow L R B
Paranasal Sinus Forearm L R B
Soft Tissue Neck Wrist L R B
Cervical Spine Hand L R B 
Thoracic Spine Finger L R B 
Lumbar Spine Abdomen KUB 
Pelvis Sacrum/Coccyx Abdomen 
SI Joints  Hip L R B
Shoulder L R B Knee L R B 
 Scapula L R B Tibia/Fibula L R B 
Clavical L R B  Ankle L R B 
Chest PA/LAT   Heel / Calcaneus L R B
Ribs L R B  Foot L R B 
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