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Open MRI Machine | Progressive Diagnostic ImagingOpen MRI Machine Progressive Diagnostic Imaging Riverdale NJ.

Progressive Diagnostic Imaging offers the complete line up of MRI scans needed by physicians. From a patient’s head, neck, spine, chest to all extremities. Our Hitachi Aries ll open magnet offers clear images for the doctor and a calm non-claustrophobic MRI experience for the patient. Our .3 Tesla strength magnet combined with the latest coil and software updates which include new tuning specifications for signal to noise ratio gives our images high field open quality any doctor can count on. This magnet is the most open magnet on the market giving patients the comfort and ease of doing the study with out compromising image quality and detail.


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Brain  Cervical  Abdomen Shoulder  Brain Chest 
IAC Thoracic   Pelvis Humerus  Neck Abdomen 
Orbits/Sinuses  Lumbar Elbow   Pelvis 
Pituitary  Sacrum-SI Joints Wrist     Head
Neck      Hip    Carotids
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